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Back Once Again For The 'Renegade Master'

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Never before had we been back to a lake in France, we had always decided to try somewhere different, this year was going to be a first! Let me just say, it wasn't going to be that way but we had been let down by another water, which was a bit our fault and a bit quick off the mark by the lake owner. We had said we wanted the lake and were to send off our  deposit but a couple of the boys didn't send there cheques to Steve who was to forward the full amount on, by the time the deposit reached the owner he had received another booking for our week and so let it go to them. Ok we were a bit late in sending the cheque but he could have phoned us, but no just returned the cheque without a word, I won't say what lake it was, but, on reflection perhaps it worked out for the best.

The date had been set W/C 20th May, this year was to be a trimmed down team for the attack on France, Pete couldn't make it as he was due to become a 'grandad' for the first time, sometime during that week, it is his only daughter and he felt she would need the support, in my view women are built for the job and we men should be out fishing!! only joking Pete. Next time son! Steve was in, Perry was in, and I was very glad my son Darrell was back in the action after moving to Sweden from the USA. Darrell had missed out on the French trips for the last few years living in Kentucky, USA. But Malmo, Sweden being 'just round the corner' meant he was up for it again.


Perry 'stroke' Douglas     Steve 'beetroot' Hall    Darrell 'smiler' Piper Andy 'evil eyes' Piper

Steve and Perry booked the ferry and were to drive down from Calais, Darrell was to fly into London Stansted late Friday night, then fly to Limoges early Saturday morning, I was to drive up from here in Spain, pick up Darrell at Limoges airport then onto Negreloube hoping all to arrive at about 2pm Saturday. Obviously Darrell wouldn't be able to bring much gear due to the two flights but I could easily bring enough for the both of us. The great thing about Negreloube is that they supply you with a bivvy, bedchair, small chair, landing net, unhooking mat, weigh sling and scales. They can even supply you with bait, boillies and pellets, hire of baitboats, rods and reels, basically everything you need for a weeks fishing. The other thing I must just mention is Food, if you ever decide to take a trip to Negreloube do not cater for yourself, pay for the food package. The current cost is just 100 per week, that is 70 quid for those of you dealing in sterling, you get a full cooked breakfast and cereal everyday and massive meal with desert in the evening. Debbie and George make you feel part of the family there hospitality is second to none, trust me you will not be disappointed. Thanks again guys!

Perry arranged the bait again, through Kevin at Mainline. This year we were to use the just released Pulse. Kevin had spoken to Perry a few times saying how well this bait had been catching, we had no worries as we all have a lot of faith and confidence in any bait from Mainline, having used it many times over the years. Thanks Kev as usual the bait is bang on!

Back to the plot! we all arrived safely, no planes missed, no disasters, Steve and Perry had there ferry canceled and it poured with rain for the whole journey in France but although tired they were soon ready to do battle with some big carp. George gave us the usual tour of the lake, then back to the lodge and a cup of tea before the draw for swims. Here is a copy of the lake from George's site, I have made a few changes of swim locations as the old map is a bit out of line now.

   Swims 1 and 2 are known as the tourist swims, the sun shines on these all day long as long as it's not pouring with rain that is! Number 1 is into open water and the right hand bay, number 2 has the island and beyond, into open water. Number 3 has the dam wall with it's sluices and overhanging trees and the back of the island. 4 and 5 are into open water towards the centre of the lake, carp often patrol along the centre, but a fair punch of the lead is needed to reach them. 6 and 7 are for day use only as the left margin from 7 is dense overhanging trees where the carp do lie up. 8 and 9 are in the shallow end of the lake where a small stream enters, many overhanging trees and bushes are the spots to fish to, on the opposite bank. 10 is into open water opposite swim 5. So there you have it Negreloube!

Darrell drew first choice and decided on swim 3, I had next choice and chose swim 9, same as last year, Perry had the next choice and came next to me in 8, Steve went into 4 but would spend most of his days in 7. That was it so lets get the gear onto the barrows and into the swims, we knew we could always move if we wanted to, as we had the whole lake to just the four of us.

So Darrell was to fish in swim 3, his right rod was to fish in the corner near to the overhanging trees and sluice. Because of the trees Darrell decided to cast onto the bank between the trees with just an old lead fixed onto his hooklength swivel, walk round attach his baited hooklength and a PVA bag, then throw this into the lake under the trees then spread a small patch of pellets and boillies over the top. I think you will agree this effort day and night was responsible for his success, he could have just tried to cast between the trees and he may have caught there but he maximised his chances by putting in the work. His middle rod received the same treatment and again produced a lot of fish. His left was cast to his side of the island or further along the dam towards the island, both spots produced but not to the same extent as the other two rods.   

Steve as already mentioned, set up his pitch in number 4, this swim he fished from about 11.30pm till first light, but spent most of his time fishing the margin from swim 7. Steve had done the same thing last year and most of his carp came from the tree lined margin to the left of swim 7, including his 40's. This year was to be no different, sitting up there all day on his jack catching big fish, occasionally having to don the 'chesties' if the fish went the wrong way or using the walkie talkie to get someone to take the pics of a big carp.

Perry and I fished from 8 and 9 but this year decided after a couple of days to hire one of the bait boats. Some love em some hate em, I think they have there use, in an area like we were in, they do help to place bait accurately, yes you can cast to the right spots but to get a decent amount of bait there also, would be very hard and disturb the water a lot. We caught well from these swims but come Wednesday I wanted to spend some time with Darrell as we don't see enough of each other so I doubled up with him in number 3 and Perry moved into number 2. We both caught in our new swims with Perry catching the big one from number 2.


 The last morning, still catching         Back she goes!

I have devoted a whole page to pictures of our catches, so please view the gallery by clicking on the link at the foot of this page, just to whet your appetite here is Perry with the biggest of the week 46lb 12oz Mirror and my 39lb Common.


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