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This site is a personal profile of Andy Piper, it spans over 30 years of Carp angling in this country and other parts of the world.  
Carp, Whether they are doubles, twenties, thirties or forties the main thing is to enjoy the experience.
Long session fishing, short evenings, early mornings, whether you are stalking, long range casting at the horizon, floater fishing, no particular area of carp angling makes you better or worse than others, again it's down to enjoyment and preferences.
Young or old, male or female, enjoy the journey!!

Keep em peeled, you never know what's coming.

B.C.S.G. If you have been carp fishing for more than fifteen years, can demonstrate angling success on a number of waters, and would like to share in our activities please apply for membership by contacting The Membership Secretary. Details can be found on the Contact Us page. Good luck with your application.

Please check out all of 'The tales from the bivvy' work your way through one to the next, that way you can see how my friends and I have enjoyed our sessions.

I have just stocked up with a 'few bits' of terminal tackle, good quality at fantastic prices and the speed of service was top notch. Why not give them a go...



Photo Album

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Look at my photo album filled with pictures from my trips abroad and from waters in the UK, and others of my friends and family.


Here is a link to possibly the best carp fishing forum!

Darrell my son, is now connected with Northern Baits, a company that specialize in high quality, all natural Norwegian ingredient carp baits, based in Norway. Also PopUp Tackle a leading bait and tackle dealer based in Sweden, who supply all leading makes of Carp tackle along with, of course, Northern Baits!!

Contact me andy@thecarpangler.com

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